As a caregiver, it can be difficult to monitor your loved one’s needs. Fortunately, new home care apps which are designed specifically for seniors and their caregivers are constantly in development. Consider the following apps in order to streamline the process of caring for your loved one. They can also help an in-home carer keep up-to-date.

Medication Reminder  

One of the biggest tasks faced by caregivers is ensuring that their loved one takes the right medication, on time. Many doctors encourage their patients to use the MedicineList+  Smartphone app. This home care app allows you to:

  • input your list of medications
  • find out information about each medication
  • set reminder alarms to take medication
  • set alerts for refilling prescriptions

Especially if there are multiple helpers caring for your loved one, this app could provide peace of mind for all concerned.

Magnifying Glass

There are numerous situations when seniors simply cannot see something clearly. This can be frustrating such as when reading a restaurant menu or trying to see details in a photo. At other times, such as when reading medication labels, this can be downright dangerous. If your loved one is constantly searching for a magnifying glass, it is possible to download a Smartphone app which does the same job. These apps use your Smartphone’s camera and light to magnify items up to five times. Apple users can try Magnifying Glass With Light and Android users can try Magnificent Magnifier HD.

Health Analysis

Many seniors are required to keep track of their blood pressure, heart rate and weight. The iBP Blood Pressure app, available for Apple and Android users, is a basic tool which collates and analyses data once it is recorded. For those who suffer from angina, this could provide warning of an imminent attack. It also allows your loved one to assess his or her progress if s/he is on a specialised program. The data is presented in an easy format which can be presented to your loved ones’ medical practitioner.

Posting It

Sticky notes placed on the fridge and various places around the home can be forgotten or lost in a busy household with caregivers and in-home carers coming and going. Your loved one may also wish to retain a sense of independence rather than have others constantly remind them about appointments or important dates. Notezilla is simple post-it note software which allows your loved one to record information on his or her Smartphone, laptop or tablet. It can sync between multiple devices. Notes can be created as checklists and your loved one can organise for reminder emails to be sent.

One for the Caregivers

Especially for caregivers who co-ordinate multiple helpers and in-home carers, an app such as Carezone can help you stay organised. Information can be shared in real-time alerting other family members and carers about your loved one’s condition and tasks that need to be done.

The features on this app include:

  • medication management
  •  journal to document symptoms
  • appointment calendar
  • emergency contacts list
  • notes to record insurance and other vital details
  • task list with jobs assigned to particular helpers

Home care apps such as this can save time and prevent errors by ensuring that you and your helpers are all on the same page when it comes to caring for your loved one.

Tech Savvy

Many seniors are now tech-savvy but are not always aware of the extent to which technology can improve their lives. Start with these basic home care apps which will reduce stress for both you and your loved one. 


Image credit: "App" (cropped) by Olle Svensson. (Creative Commons Attribution-2.0 Generic)

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