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The greying of Australia is a well-documented situation with the Australian Government’s Intergenerational Report predicting that over the next two decades, the number of senior Australians will double. As a consequence, the aged care sector is a growth industry which must meet demand as well as respond to changing expectations from senior clients. Anyone who seeks to enter this sector needs a good understanding of government policy trends, the increased focus on in-home care and an ability to provide add-on services in order to ensure success. For this reason, many investors are considering aged care franchises for sale.

Government Policy Trends

The Australian government started its “Living Longer Living Better” reform program in 2012. This program is expected to allocate more than $1 billion dollars to home care packages before 2020. The aim is for seniors to remain independently in their homes for longer. The government has also developed a Consumer Directed Care framework which means that senior clients can choose their own providers and decide in which areas they need assistance.

The challenge for aged care providers is to be flexible and have skilled staff who can meet the individual needs of clients. Under the Consumer Directed Care model, costs are transparent so aged care providers must be able to satisfy government requirements in order to secure funding for various packages. An industry leader such as Senior Helpers can pass on this expertise.

Demand for In-Home Care

By 2022, it is expected over one-third of all aged care packages will be directed towards home care. With more than 90% of Australians wishing to remain in their own homes, the need for in-home care is clear. A good provider will need to work with seniors’ families to make sure all needs are met. If the burden of caring for a senior becomes too much for families, there is a risk that the client will end up in residential care against his/her will.

As part of a franchise, managers will be given training, knowledge and skills beyond the basics of caring for a senior. This is a service industry and, as such, the ability to identify needs and negotiate is crucial.

Add-On Services

As more seniors remain in their own homes, not all services required will fit within the aged care packages. In-home care providers can benefit by identifying niche or specialty areas of the market and offering these services as well. One of these areas is in dementia care. When looking at aged care franchises for sale, be sure to choose one that has qualified therapists developing its programs and training staff. Senior Helpers has a specialised program, developed by an occupational therapist for dementia clients.

Senior Helpers can help you make sure that staff have the correct credentials and ongoing training in order to access niche areas of the market. As part of a franchise, you will have access to information which helps identify new services that can be offered to clients.

Invest in the Future

Becoming part of the aged in-home care sector is a wise decision. This is an opportunity to invest in the future of Australia and help our seniors. However, it is important to choose a mentor with decades of proven ability in the field. After all, you wish to offer your clients the best possible service in order to build a client base. For more information about aged care franchises for sale do not hesitate to contact Senior Helpers.

Image credit: "Ruppe Grandparents" (cropped) by Ryan Ruppe. (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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