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Australians enjoy a high standard of living and access to quality health care. As a result, the senior population has tripled in the past 50 years. In 2014, there were 3.4 million Australians aged over 65, with the number of seniors predicted peak at 9.6 million in 2064. For those who wish to work or set up a business in the aged care industry, there is guaranteed growth in the decades to come. Thousands of jobs are expected to be created within the next five years. In addition, demand continues to outstrip supply for in-home care providers.

For the entrepreneur or job seeker looking for a stable sector, senior care would appear to be one of Australia’s best markets. However, as with all service industries, long-term success depends on having the right personality, qualifications and passion for the job. Senior care is a people business and, as such, a sense of vocation is necessary. For those with the right outlook, this is definitely an industry with a bright future.

The Joys of Senior Care

Many senior care workers have spent time with older family members and enjoy their company. If you haven’t spent much time with seniors, it is best to volunteer at a facility before embarking on a career. In general, you need to be patient, compassionate and enjoy interacting with others. Although it can be hard work, senior care workers find that they enjoy the friendships they make and a sense of purpose. Flexibility and creativity are key requirements for the job, so the variety also appeals to those who work in this area.

There are many entry-level positions within this industry that require limited qualifications; however, if you are serious about the profession, a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Aged Care will provide you with skills to do your job effectively. Nurses who specialise in senior care are also in high demand, so you should pursue this avenue if you are seeking an upward career path. Apply to an award-winning home care service in order to get your career started.

Senior Care Franchises

Entrepreneurs looking for an excellent business opportunity should definitely consider the senior care sector. Just as workers need to be flexible, creative and compassionate, the same should apply to business people wishing to enter this market. The aged care industry can prove to be highly profitable; however, concern for clients must also be part of a successful business model.

A franchise provides an excellent avenue into this market as you will be supported by extensive expertise and advice. Your franchisor should be a forward-looking company which doesn’t just draw on in-home care models from the past. As baby boomers retire, they are demanding different choices from service providers. Innovative use of technology for monitoring and support will be just one of the requirements for senior clients in the future.

An experienced franchisor can also help a new entrant in this industry with the legal requirements and various government care packages. This means that you gain the knowledge required to ensure a successful business outcome, whilst also being sensitive to the needs of clients. Senior Helpers can provide information if you wish to learn more from a franchisor that is recognised as an industry leader in senior care.

Be Part of the Solution

This is the perfect time to enter the aged care industry. Demand is high, the number of clients is on the increase and new government packages focus on in-home care. Do your research and begin your exciting journey in this rewarding industry.

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