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Seniors who have medical conditions that may be life threatening in an emergency can reassure themselves and loved ones by wearing medical ID alert jewellery at all times. These can come in the form of basic bracelets or more fashionable items. Regardless of your choice, a trained responder will immediately recognise the universal medical alert symbol and note the information which has been engraved on your ID bracelet or other jewellery. If you are confused or unable to communicate, your ID jewellery will help ensure appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Here are just some of the conditions that may be recorded on your medical ID.


  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • heart disease
  • dementia
  • lung disease
  • asthma
  • pacemakers
  • cancer
  • seizures
  • food allergies
  • blood thinners
  • drug allergies


You have two main choices when purchasing a medical ID alert bracelet or other jewellery in Australia:

  • artistic or purpose-made jewellery which usually includes engraving in the price
  • purpose-made jewellery from a specialised company which includes engraving and requires an ongoing membership fee.

Non-Membership Options

Many artists now produce colourful medical ID alert jewellery in the form of bangles, necklaces and lockets. If you purchase one of these items, make sure that the seller engraves all the necessary information such as name, ICE (in case of emergency) contact number and medical conditions. The universal medical alert symbol should be clearly visible. It is most important that you wear your ID at all times, so choose a piece that suits all occasions.

Companies which specialise in medical ID alert bracelets will often have a template which gives suggestions for engraving. They will advise if the jewellery you have selected is too small to engrave all the necessary data. Look for warranties which offer repairs and new engraving in the case of wear and tear. If you are unsure about the information you should include, ask your G.P. for advice.

Seniors who choose these options are strongly advised to keep an eHealth record. This free service allows all your medical records to be kept online for easy access by you and your doctors. If your ICE contact person knows your login details, this may assist medical personnel to administer faster treatment.

Membership Options

Some medical ID alert jewellery companies include a hotline and unique membership number on the engraved plate as well as your custom medical information. You pay an ongoing annual membership fee which allows emergency responders to call the hotline and receive your medical history. This option requires that you provide vital medical details for their records. These companies can even be contacted from overseas which makes this a good choice if you regularly travel abroad.

Medical ID alert jewellery can save lives. If you believe that you or a loved one has vital medical information that an emergency responder would need to know, consider purchasing this simple, inexpensive item. Here are some examples of the many products on offer.

  • Emergency ID Australia
  • Etsy
  • Lauren’s Hope
  • Medicalert

Ask your caregiver or home care service provider for assistance in obtaining a suitable item.

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