home health care aids and equipment

As you get older, it is important for you and your caregiver to obtain some basic healthcare equipment for your home. You can easily monitor your health and ensure safety. If in doubt, ask for advice and suggestions from your health professional.

Mobility Aids

Greater independence is important for your well-being. Arrange for the removal of floor coverings and furniture that may hinder mobility devices. A wide variety of canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs are available. “Road test” the choices at your homecare equipment store. In particular, electric mobility scooters are favoured by the elderly in Australia because they promote independence in and out of the home.

Bathroom Safety

Some devices allow you to shower and toilet with a minimum of assistance. You might consider the following products.

  • An extended shower hose
  • Safety rails
  • A purpose-designed shower chair
  • A raised toilet seat

General Health

Sometimes you need reassurance about your health. You and your caregiver can use these pieces of equipment to assess any perceived changes.

Blood glucose monitor: This piece of equipment is vital for diabetics. Non-diabetics, can be proactive and seek early intervention if blood sugar levels change.

Blood pressure monitor: The latest blood pressure devices are small and easily used. Some can be attached to a Smartphone or computer. Choose one which suits your technological know-how.

Spirometer: Asthma or lung disease sufferers will need this piece of equipment. All seniors, however, can benefit from a peak flow monitor as it measures the amount of air you inhale and exhale.

Defibrillator: Many heart attack victims do not reach the hospital on time. Portable defibrillators save lives. If possible, obtain one and make sure your caregiver can use it.

A few essential health care items will give you peace of mind. Review your needs today.

Image credit: "Woman with Blood pressure monitor" (cropped) by Tunstall. (Creative Commons Attribution Generic)

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