help with home repairs for seniors

If you elect to remain in your own home as you age, help is available for home repairs and modifications. Your home care provider can source someone to undertake minor repairs. They can also recommend and organise modifications which allow you to retain your independence. If you face financial hardship, these may be included in your home care provider package. The My Aged Care contact centre (1800 200 422 ) can advise. In addition, there are other modifications which can save you money in the long-term.


Failure to maintain your home and perform repairs promptly can prove costly and dangerous. Alert your health care provider if routine tasks such as changing light bulbs, replacing washers and garden maintenance are needed.

Major repairs such as painting and roof mending can be arranged by your home care provider. It is important that you seek advice before hiring a tradesperson in order to ensure that they are qualified and professional. Do not hire “home handymen” for major repairs.


It may be necessary to modify your home in order to perform everyday tasks easily. If you have difficulties such as moving or reaching objects, consider the following possibilities.

  • lower shelves, counters and sinks
  • ramps and safety/grab rails
  • extended lever, easy turn taps
  • adjusted toilet height
  • non-slip surfaces
  • easy-grip handles

Other Modifications

There are home modifications you can make which promote comfort, increase its value and save costs. Incentives are available for some of these installations. Check with relevant government departments in your state or territory.

  • solar heating systems
  • water tanks
  • insulation

Living in a well-maintained home that you can easily navigate will increase your confidence and mental health. Discuss home modifications and repairs with your health care provider or family member.

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