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At present, almost 350 000 Australians are suffering from dementia. There are nine different types of dementia, meaning that every sufferer faces a unique set of circumstances. If you have dementia or care for someone with dementia, a number of dementia support groups provide assistance.

Initial Support and Training

Sufferers, their families and caregivers require support and training. The following services provide an initial step in the journey.

National Dementia Helpline: (1800 100 500) The helpline offers support, advice and referrals for sufferers, families and caregivers. They can arrange counselling, training and contact with relevant support groups.

Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services: (1800 699 799) There are times when the behaviours of dementia sufferers become challenging. This service is available 24/7 with trained clinicians to provide support and advice.

Ongoing Support

A dementia diagnosis is a major shock to the dementia sufferer and his/her family. It is important that sufferers and caregivers connect with ongoing support groups in order to maintain mental and physical health.

Alzheimer’s Australia: offers education and the latest research findings about Alzheimer’s and dementia. The National Dementia Helpline can direct you to the resources in your state or territory.

The Alzheimer’s Association: is a non-profit organisation with separate forums for sufferers and caregivers, free online courses and extensive information for sufferers, families and caregivers.

Beyond Blue: (1300 224 636) provides specific programs for caregivers. Its education programs teach caregivers how to manage anxiety in seniors. Beyond Blue also supports caregivers who are suffering from depression.

Carers Australia: (1800 242 636) advocates for caregivers’ needs. Contact them if you face specific difficulties in your situation.

Dementia sufferers, their families and caregivers need consistent support to maintain quality of life. Do not hesitate to access these dementia support groups once an initial diagnosis has been made.

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